What makes a good gift?

The practice of giving gifts can be found in virtually all businesses, since records began. Like providing hospitality, it is widely seen as an important part of building solid business relationships, in some countries more than others. In China, for example, the giving of red envelopes is a traditional part of Chinese New Year!

Yet gift-giving remains a sensitive area and always requires careful handling. At its most obvious, a gift is not a gift if its purpose is to induce improper behaviour. Clearly, in such circumstances, it’s not a gift, it’s a bribe!

If you consider the ethics, a good gift is always simply ‘appropriate’. It is not so lavish that it embarrasses the recipient or so cheap and tacky that it’s actually worse than giving nothing!

Miraj now has 10 years’ first class experience in knowing what gifts will go down well with customers and prospects – and what won’t. Better still, we also have an unrivalled network of quality suppliers who can source exactly what is needed in any individual situation, at a highly competitive price.

Our designers and production people can then help you to personalise the gift for the recipient and brand it with your corporate style so that the recipient is in no doubt who the giver is – or where and when it was given.

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