Three key factors to make your exhibition a success!

All roads lead to your brand message -Be Effective, Meaningful and Memorable


  1. Think, think, think!

Whether you’re talking about an exhibition stand or a media campaign, the most effective examples are always based on clear strategic thinking to answer the single most important marketing question: What effect are you trying to produce on whom?

  1. Identify the people, define the effect…

The most cost-effective commercial communication always starts from the idea of “buying effects on people” – the idea of an investment of real money to achieve defined results. The more control you have over the whole process the better the results – as Miraj can readily demonstrate!

  1. Input is important because take-out is critical…

Effective communication takes place when a message is received, NOT when a message is transmitted. Working with Miraj ensures excellent strategic thinking as the essential starting point. This is then developed for your approval with truly creative flair, and produced in-house under strict quality control.

Over the last 10 years Miraj has perfected a process that ensures that the people you need to reach get the message you want them to receive – in a style consistent with your corporate culture and appropriate to your brand image. In this way all communication adds value to your presence in the market.

Over this 10 year period Miraj has also demonstrated beyond any doubt that the most cost-efficient way to produce everything is under one management team and under one roof – everything from a one-off video presentation to an exhibition stand to a full-blown multi-media campaign.

On all three key factors, you will find that Miraj is second to none.

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