Miraj uses all its expertise and experience in making the Saudi Aramco Eid Program, a huge success.

The Objective: To design an event that reflects the happy spirit of ‘Id’ and offer an interesting mix of events that appeals to everyone’s interest.

The Challenge: To derive a thematic presentation to the event that goes beyond the objective and the stated brief. The event needed to package imaginative plays, contests, exhibitions and address the issues that affects people the most. The overall design had to stimulate the minds and capture the imagination of visitors of all age groups.

Our Task: Miraj designed 7 large tents, all wrapped in a creative and attractive graphical interpretation of the theme. Interiors were immaculately planned and executed in keeping with the subject and content of each tent. Set in motion with state-of-the-art touch lighting and sound systems, the 12-day festival gave visitors plenty to choose from, including a modern food court with an assortment of cuisine.

The Result: The event was attended by over half a million visitors, who were treated to a unique experience in knowledge and entertainment. The success of this event surpassed the expectations of the host and received reviews that made Miraj and its team, an extremely proud moment.

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