HRH Prince Saud Bin Naif Bin Abdulaziz visit to al-khafji

The Objective

Maintaining cordial relations between all the GCC countries is always a royal affair. With the close proximity and working relations between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, the visit of His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to the Khafji Governorate and Al Khafji Operations (KJO) in particular, was set to become the talk of the town even as it was being conceived.

The Challenge

With only a week’s notice, Miraj was entrusted with the responsibility of designing an event that only Miraj can. From preparing the agenda for the event to sourcing a gift worthy of his stature, Miraj accepted the challenge of orchestrating such a high profile event. One of the key components of the visit included the inauguration ceremony of KJOs innovative projects that necessitated a novel inauguration method.

Our Task

Miraj mobilized its teams from both sides of the bridge to create an ambience befitting the Royal entourage. Two exquisite tents with its exclusive stage, a giant LED screen and a touch-screen aided inauguration sequence was created. A sumptuous and elaborate luncheon in traditional arabic cuisine was laid out, while the interiors bore a palatial look. As a customary gesture, a photo album chronicling the visits of princes, governors and high ranking officials was presented to His Royal Highness. A limited edition porcelain gyrfalcon was also presented to HRH the Prince before being led to a tour of the facility.

The Result

The event got all the attention that we set out to achieve. Given the high security presence and a zero margin for error, Miraj is proud to state that the event was rolled out exactly as it was conceived. Miraj displayed immaculate co-ordination and every minor detail was addressed with equal seriousness. There is no denying that this event will remain in the memories of the citizens of Al Khafji for years to come, adding to the long list of success stories from the House of Miraj.

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