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Innovation is key when it comes to making an impression in today’s competitive world of marketing.

Curve jewelry print ad   Miraj Media

Curve Jewellery

Curve jewelry  is the is the brainchild of Mrs Khulood A. Qader. She entrusted Miraj with the responsibility of acquainting her collection to the public and leaveaving them wanting more.


Augmented Reality

In the world of advertising and promotion it is imperative that you stay ahead of the clan. This will ensure that your product is seen and heard. The ironic aspect about the new trend (which is augmented reality) is that it actually has been around for quiet some time and can be seen as early…

Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference  Miraj Media

KJO Middle East Oil & Gas Show and Conference

Innovative is the first word which comes to mind when you think of Miraj especially when it comes to exhibits. When it came to designing a booth for KJO it was nothing sort of innovative. The sharp lines blended in with the soothe curves creating a modern contemporary booth. One can only describe it as…