Video conferencing

It’s a truism that’s true the whole world over ……. “People buy People first!”

When video-conferencing was the new NEW THING, the airlines and the exhibition organisers had sleepless nights imagining that their businesses might be fatally wounded –  like Kodak’s Advanced Camera system when the world went digital. But in their case they needn’t have worried, because it just didn’t happen. Video conferencing blossomed. It made the company…


What is marketing?

People Change. Ideas change. Miraj only changes for our clients. To us marketing is managing profitable customer relationships. We help our clients grow their brand and their business. We know marketing. We learnt it from you. 2007: “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have…


What makes a good gift?

The practice of giving gifts can be found in virtually all businesses, since records began. Like providing hospitality, it is widely seen as an important part of building solid business relationships, in some countries more than others. In China, for example, the giving of red envelopes is a traditional part of Chinese New Year! Yet…


Is ‘near enough is good enough’? It isn’t!

Before you go to your next event of exhibition think of this. “The public face of your brand is the entire perception of your brand.” Gerard Grech, CEO Tech City UK Gerard Grech wrote these words in a Financial Times feature on July 1 this year.  Based in London, he is CEO of UK Tech…


EXPO 2020: How Design combined with experiential marketing connected minds and created the future

June 25, 2015 –(Dubai,UAE) Expo 2020 will mark the extraordinary journey for Dubai from the 1968 Constitutional conference to hosting the Bureau International des Expositions on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the UAE. With little over 2000 days from the opening date Miraj was trusted to share the message with communities and individuals…

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Miraj is now in Dubai

Our latest 30,000 square-feet landmark property located at the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) allows us to expand into the competitive market in the UAE.  This new facility will not only address our plans for continued growth, but it’s also equipped for maximum productivity and quality assurance, through state-of-the art fabrication and production facilities. In…

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Miraj delivers yet again for Saudi Aramco at GPCA

The 9th Annual GPCA Forum, the flagship petrochemical gathering was held at the Madinat, Jumerahirah in Dubai from 23-25 November 2014, where Saudi Aramco was the platinum sponsor and the CEO, one of the keynote speakers. In a multi cornered bidding process involving international agencies, Miraj was selected to design, fabricate and install the exhibition…


Miraj at a glance

Miraj Media recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary! We took a minute to look back at our journey from a boutique advertising firm to a one-stop solution for all marketing needs. We started as Miraj Graphics with one office in Bahrain to expand into several branches in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. Want to learn more about…

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How to develop convincing online content

Online content is fast growing as a key (and sometimes the only) medium to reach out to businesses and consumers alike. Effective online content can help in achieving the marketing goals by sending out a clear and convincing message to the target audience. The effectiveness is enhanced if the content is able to stand out…

Aramco SDP Pinnacle Program


Saudi Aramco’s Drilling & Workover Department held the inauguration of its Specialist Development Program (SDP PINNACLE) – a career path that arms participants to make a positive impact that satisfies their aspirations and give them an opportunity to excel in areas as crucial as Technology, Experience, Impact, Leadership and Visibility. Miraj took on the responsibility…



The Saudi Aramco Built Government Schools (SABGS) organized its summer educational and enrichment program iExcel, covering a total of 17 schools all over the Eastern Province. iExcel encourages students to think and prepare them to participate actively in their community. The event featured a number of activities combining education with entertainment and sports, benefiting over…

Mini Summer Program 2013


To design an event for the Saudi Aramco Summer Program, 2013 that aims to instill important values, promote principles of safety and health, raise appreciation of the environment, and inspire artistic expression and volunteerism in an engaging and stimulating atmosphere. The Task The challenge was to create an event atmosphere within a mall with as…



The Brief To increase awareness on the universal issue of energy conservation Educate the community on the benefits of energy conservation Provide a conducive environment for such education / awareness Build on Saudi Aramco’s CSR The Challenge The event called for large multiple tents, AVI, High definition videography, seamless streaming of the video and highly attractive branding 25,000…

Eid Program 2012


Miraj uses all its expertise and experience in making the Saudi Aramco Eid Program, a huge success. The Objective: To design an event that reflects the happy spirit of ‘Id’ and offer an interesting mix of events that appeals to everyone’s interest. The Challenge: To derive a thematic presentation to the event that goes beyond the objective…