Our greatest satisfaction comes from another job well done.

Even major multi-national agencies source TV production from outside suppliers. Why limit it to TV?

By any standard, in the Middle East, Miraj is a major player in production.

With not one but three centres of production excellence strategically located in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Dubai, Miraj now has over 250,000 square feet dedicated to all aspects of production – including Video – but we’re not seeking work in TVC.

Our specialism revolves around every aspect of experiential marketing – including sourcing gifts.

We can print anything from a business card to signage to a large format poster. We can build anything from a luxury retail display piece to a futuristic contemporary exhibition stand, in wood or steel or plastic.

And not just build it, but install it.

What’s more, we control both the costs and the quality standards from start to finish. That’s the beauty of having the whole job under our one roof rather than spread around a variety of different suppliers.

Yet the service we offer you is totally flexible – like a fine fabric, or a gift that goes on giving.

If you need us to generate ideas on your behalf, we are willing and able to conceive, design, create and build every single piece that’s needed.

Alternatively, we can take the ideas that you have designed and develop them into a reality that will delight you, starting at whatever point that suits your purpose best.

Just as a great director in any good TV production company will add ‘value’ in his interpretation of the original script, the project managers and craftsmen at Miraj will add value in realising your original ideas.

Our greatest satisfaction comes from another job well done. It’s something we’ve been doing now for over 10 years and our repeat business from both agencies – and clients direct – suggests that no one does it better than we do.

Find out more about Miraj ASAP. You have nothing to lose but unnecessary stress.

For more info please visit: www.mirajmedia.com

UAE : +971 445 92000
Bahrain : +973 1771 4722
KSA : +966 138872603

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