Miraj UAE Market Research: A World View in Numbers

ESOMAR’S most recent global study (2014) provides some revelations!

At Miraj we are production led marketing and advertising specialists. So we look and think about the market. When you come to us to discuss your budgets and projects we share some of our thinking with you.

You may be surprised to learn that Europe, for example, spends more on Market Research than North America, and Africa spends more than the Middle East.

Here are the figures as revealed by ESOMAR 2014:

  • Europe $16bn
  • North America $15.7bn
  • Asia-Pacific $6bn
  • Latin America $1.9bn
  • Africa $0.4bn
  • Middle East $0.2bn

According to IBM, the top three sources used to influence Decision-makers are as follows:

  • Market Research 82%
  • Competitive Benchmarking 80%
  • Customer Analytics 74%

According to the Harvard Business Review, there is serious C-suite commitment to data-based decision-making among American multi-national companies:

  • 87% have mandated the use of analytics in all key business decisions
  • 80% have embedded analytic functions into the decision-making process

At Miraj, we are totally committed to the idea that outstanding results always depend on in-depth understanding. However, our primary focus remains on delivering specific business success rather than accumulating a mass of quantitative data that does not translate into cost-effective high quality action.

Over the last ten years, we have established ourselves in a unique position as strategic thinkers who provide actionable insights and end-to-end production led creative solutions, making us the leading full service operators in our market. You may find cheaper alternatives. You will not find better. Check us out!

Let’s face it, no other company in this market can guarantee you this level of quality control – whichever way you look at it!

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