Miraj Production perfectionism pays dividends

Miraj production perfectionism pays dividends

Where Stradivarius violins are concerned, 1700 – 1725 is considered to be the ‘golden period ’of the craftsman’s art.  Violins from that era, in good condition, are now worth millions.

For example, in 2011, one such violin, in pristine condition, sold for a world-record £9.8 million!

300 years later, here in the Middle East, Miraj is 10 years into another golden period all our own, employing our own teams of full-time craftsmen working in wood, fabrics and plastic. We would say that, wouldn’t we?

According to the writer and musician, Richard Sennett, in his book ‘The Craftsman’ there is a renaissance in people’s appreciation of craftsmanship – and not just in the art world either.

Sennett is fascinated by all the components of our man-made environment. He applauds “skill for its own sake” which he describes as an “enduring, basic human impulse.”

In our experience, perfectionism pays dividends in all sorts of real but subtle ways. Consumer expectations have risen across the board. In today’s hyper-competitive world, just being good is no longer good enough.

These days the glittering prizes go to those who go to the greatest lengths to deliver the best results. Bish, bash, bosh simply doesn’t cut it anymore. In today’s commercial market-place, near enough is no longer good enough.

Over the last 10 years, Miraj has emerged as the region’s clear leader in production-led services, thanks to strategically sited centres of excellence in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

No one else in this regional can offer you better cost-control or apply it to a wider range of contemporary commercial opportunities than we can.

When Miraj is on song, we are absolutely unbeatable!

Remember, this is the real thing – it’s not a Dress Rehearsal.


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