It’s a truism that’s true the whole world over ……. “People buy People first!”

When video-conferencing was the new NEW THING, the airlines and the exhibition organisers had sleepless nights imagining that their businesses might be fatally wounded –  like Kodak’s Advanced Camera system when the world went digital. But in their case they needn’t have worried, because it just didn’t happen.

Video conferencing blossomed. It made the company accountants happy but business people still got on aeroplanes and flew thousands of air miles to meet customers or to attend trade shows.

Why? Because there is absolutely no substitute for human interaction, face to face, whether it’s across a boardroom table or a restaurant table, whether it’s at an exhibition stand or in a quiet corner of a hotel lobby. Chemistry works best when people are in the same space.

Communication has an altogether higher quality than on say SKYPE. Yet SKYPE is usually better than on an ordinary phone line and certainly cheaper. And both are significantly less vulnerable to misunderstanding that either email or SMS text messages.

Tone of voice gets lost online. What someone sends with a smile on their face, as a joke, may be received as an insult by the recipient who fails to see the funny side.

On paper, no one has a better business case than Miraj – but what makes this company really special are all the people who work for us… And all the people we work for, time and time again!

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