Is ‘near enough is good enough’? It isn’t!

Before you go to your next event of exhibition think of this.

“The public face of your brand is the entire perception of your brand.”
Gerard Grech, CEO Tech City UK

Gerard Grech wrote these words in a Financial Times feature on July 1 this year.  Based in London, he is CEO of UK Tech City and makes several other important points about Branding, which apply to all markets, including yours.

He says that “Human interaction is vital” and talks about the need for clarity.

Nowhere is this more important than in experiential marketing. Grech suggests that you should be able to tell anyone what your business is all about in “three compelling sentences.” And not just you!

In the case of Miraj we design, produce and deliver exhibition stands, marketing collateral and branding for leading international brands and companies in the middle-east. We create the platform for people to focus on the task of selling their business.

Grech describes your people as “the human personification of your brand.” They need to be ‘on message’ at the very least and at best ‘passionate’ or even ‘evangelical’ about your product or service.

They need to understand what you are offering – from ‘back to front’. Grech suggests that this perhaps perfectionist approach can ‘immeasurably improve’ the performance of your business.

In my own personal experience, working first in London, KSA and now in Dubai, too many companies present themselves as if clients and prospects will make allowances for their inadequacies – as if business life were a dress rehearsal for the ‘real thing’, as if ‘near enough is good enough’.

It isn’t!

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