Interactivity At Its Best

For a business to flourish in today’s world of cut throat competition it is important to be constantly heard, and the best way to do so is buy interacting with your customers.

Social media is one way of interacting with your customers but it is slowly becoming traditional. McDonalds wanted to do something out of the box, something which would create buzz and excite their customers. What they came up with was a digital billboard, not just any digital billboard but a real time interactive one. The board allowed anyone in the vicinity to connect with it and play a game of good old fashioned pong. The game was live and was watched by everyone in the area. The tag line for the concept was Pick n’ Play. All people had to do is connect to the board via the website and pick their favorite McDonalds treat. Once selected you have to hang in the game for a good thirty seconds before claiming your prize. The reward: your selected treat at the nearest McDonalds outlet. Now I’m definitely lovin’ it!

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