How real is the money that your organisation is about to spend on marketing?

The answer, of course, is completely real.  If you choose not to spend it, it will appear as an immediate improvement to your bottom line.

That’s why all contender companies should be looking very closely at their Return on Investment.  And the clue is in the word ‘Investment’!

At Miraj we take the view that money spent on marketing is as real as money invested in any other normal business overhead, like rent or salaries – that it should be spent buying effects on people.

If like us you share this ‘investment’ view, you will be looking for dividends in terms of measurable data – like an increase in sales, or footfall, or positive awareness. If we start together from the same point, we can work together to answer marketing’s two most important questions:

Who are the people?

What is the desired effect?

If together we can sharpen the focus on your most promising prospects, we can get a real feeling for how they think and what they need.

We can then define the effect in terms of Knowledge, Belief and Feeling. What you put in is important. What people take out is more important!

D’you reckon that’s worth an exploratory conversation?

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