How do you put a value on design?

How do you put a value on design?

You could say that a commercial philistine is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. Design is one of those so-called ‘soft skills’ where it is difficult, if not impossible, to quantify its contribution to the bottom line.

Take Coca Cola as a classic example. The original branding has remained totally distinctive and virtually constant for 100 years, while the bottle shape has changed umpteen different times and various new sub-brands like Zero and fruit-flavoured have been introduced.

What precise value would you attach to that classic piece of commercial design, one wonders? Some people will so anything for a good design.

We were in a pitch recently with 27 other companies. We won because nine of the other agencies had presented our old work. What an honour! They didn’t even change it just put it through as their own.

The fact is that everything that is made is designed by someone – or perhaps by a committee, like the infamous Ford Edsel! Everything from an airliner to an exhibition stand, from a press ad to an AV presentation – in every case, design is involved, specialist or otherwise.

At Miraj, we have teams of professional designers who are all totally committed to excellence. They care passionately about functionality as well as style. They are intensely competitive.

They recognise the value of originality. They think before they put pen to paper or explore the possibilities on screen. We pay them good money because we value their contribution to our business – and yours!

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