Halliburton SPE Booth

The ATS&E is the largest SPE gathering in Saudi Arabia.

It is organized by the Saudi Arabian Section of SPE as well as the Dhahran Geosciences Society (DGS). For this event Halliburton approached Miraj to handle the design and creation of a booth which would not only reflect the company but also the purpose of the event, which was to display new technologies in the petroleum industry. The Symposium is a very well-attended regional event which attracted more than 2,500 attendees in the year 2010. It is a fee-free event where no registration fees are required. The event also offers free courses as part of its pre-event activities program. The event called for new technologies in well control, new practices in completing deep offshore gas wells and tight gas reservoirs.


                                                         Images of the Halliburton SPE booth


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