Google Search & Google+… Is There a Difference?

Mega giant Google is really pulling strings to try and gets is latest Google child, Google+ a spot on the popular team.

The latest stunt, Google search and Google+ integration. The search engine is now adding a personal touch to your searches buy giving you results from your social circles and even public Google+ pages.Previously Google started filtering their search results by pulling up websites which allow you to interact via Google+.

The next time you search for something you will have the option of getting results from your social circles. You will be able to view what your friends are talk about on your searched topic. A useful feature? or a waste of time? It’s for you to decide. The new feature can be clearly seen in the videos below. It’s called “Search Plus your World” and comes comes across as a more personal web. Whether this integration will catch on and weather Google+ will surpass Facebook in the number of users is yet to be seen.

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