FOOD IS A GROWING MARKET! Bigger than Oil! (Make sure you get your share)

According to one of the most reliable independent industry sources, the Gulf Organisation of Industrial Consulting, or GOIC for short, all the key indicators for the Food market in our region are on the up and up.

Let’s take a quick look:

  • Food-related factory space in the region is showing a compound annual growth of 5.2%. (We’re talking hectares!)
  • Investment in the sector is up by 14.8%. (We’re talking billions!)
  • The numbers employed in food-related jobs are up by 10.6%. (We’re taking hundreds!)

Whichever way you look at it, this represents really significant growth and makes Food one of the cornerstones of the region’s economy alongside the one which the world always thinks of first – Oil!

In October this year Gulf Food Manufacturing will be both the biggest and the most important Food & Beverage event in the MENA region in the whole of 2015. It provides an outstanding professional platform for all sides of this dynamic industry to showcase their products and services – from processing to packaging, from logistics to new product development, from marketing to retailing.

A growing population is creating unprecedented levels of demand for new tastes and new versions of traditional tastes.

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