EXPO 2020: How Design combined with experiential marketing connected minds and created the future

June 25, 2015 –(Dubai,UAE) Expo 2020 will mark the extraordinary journey for Dubai from the 1968 Constitutional conference to hosting the Bureau International des Expositions on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the UAE.

With little over 2000 days from the opening date Miraj was trusted to share the message with communities and individuals in the region and around the world. We created a unique experiential marketing experience that brought the story to life and connected with citizens of the UAE and the globe.

The theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” is an exciting and open theme. It provided us with an eloquent starting point. EXPO 2020 is at a particular stage of its evolution.

The actual content and themes are still being developed via workshops and engagement programs so we had to stay open minded to delivering the message.

The design plan for the pavilion has been released and we have a date of arrival in 2020. Design was at the heart of our pitch. Our in house designers focused on the themes of community and connection. The stand was designed with breath taking graphics that tell the whole story of Dubai and Expo 2020.

The graphical story simultaneously led the audience to the sub-themes of “Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability” differentiating and highlighting each new, exciting and innovative evolution which is to become a major part of the Expo 2020 story.

The exhibition space was choreographed to encourage interaction, attract opinion and encourage conversation to flow seamlessly connected via social media platforms and web applications.

This strategy facilitated the ease of media content creation for live and delayed broadcast to our local and global audience. We understand that we are living in a region with the highest penetration and usage of social media in the world. So what not use it !

By harnessing the power of storytelling and “people media” we shared the Expo 2020 message and themes to visitors and to the global community.

We came up with the concept, created the design and produced all elements in house at Miraj Media.

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