The Brief

  • To increase awareness on the universal issue of energy conservation
  • Educate the community on the benefits of energy conservation
  • Provide a conducive environment for such education / awareness
  • Build on Saudi Aramco’s CSR

The Challenge

The event called for large multiple tents, AVI, High definition videography, seamless streaming of the video and highly attractive branding
25,000 square meters of space was googled and precise land measurements were made using hi-tech gadgets
Event needed to be informative, interesting, innovative, educative and entertaining
Activities with 100% genuinity, originality & functionality was demanded
Provide a conducive environment for such education / awareness
Short timelines meant sustained, coordinated effort of unparalled proportions
Open event meant setting up an efficient crowd control system
Safety was considered as the highest priority

The Solution

Immaculate planning for proper placement of tents & elements
Adaption of the theme to create meaningful graphics
Research information that makes energy conservation interesting
Devise games and touch screen applications to promote learning
Create a ‘smart home’ to allow practical learning


 The Result

  • A never-seen-before idea of Augmented Reality designed and implemented to ‘wow’ visitors
  • iPhone and Android applications designed for easy access
  • For the first time, a 3D augmented was designed for iPhones and Android devices
  • The event attracted large numbers of families from Abqaiq & Al-Hassa
  • Children enjoyed the educationally entertaining programs at the ‘Future Generation Zone’
  • 9,000+ visitors viewed the dedicated event website in 4 days and actively participiated in the quiz competition
  • In terms of achieving its set objectives, the event was a resounding success



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