Conversation: Talking the talk is as important as walking the walk.

Oxford scholar Theodore Zeldin is the son a Russian bridge-builder and a dentist, who completed his training in Vienna. Theodore graduated from London University, Birkbeck College, at the age of 17 with a First in Philosophy, before going on to Oxford where he gained another First in History.

He did his Doctorate at St Antony’s College Oxford where he was a prime mover in developing the university’s centre for International Studies. He is therefore ideally qualified to lecture us on improving the communication between different cultures.

His latest book, entitled “Conversation,” places a high value on thinking before speaking and ensuring that people we speak to have genuinely heard what we have said.

At Miraj we know that communication takes place when a message is received, NOT when a message is transmitted. That’s why when a client briefs us, we are willing to risk them thinking we may be slightly ‘slow’ by asking lots of questions rather than assuming we know exactly what the client has in mind and jumping quickly to conclusions which may be incorrect.

If you have a problem that’s troubling you or an opportunity that’s challenging you, try talking to us.

As Professor Zeldin himself might say: “Only good can come from it!”

Lets have a conversation!

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