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High Five: The new trends and technologies which will dominate events and exhibition industry in the Middle East over the next five years

With its constantly shrinking size and ever expanding scope, digital technology is the biggest marvel of the modern times. Revolutionizing the way we communicate, and bringing the world within the hold of our palm, the digital technologies have increased connectivity and expanded the reach in ways we never knew, or even assumed of, before. And…


The next big thing: How Virtual reality is transforming the events industry

What used to be just an entertainment tool for gamers hunting zombies, and movie buffs experiencing some apocalyptic calamity, is finally emerging as a potent marketing and educating tool. Welcome to the world of ‘Virtual Reality’ or ‘VR’, as tech-nerds put it. Thanks to the substantial advancement in technology and increased affordability, true VR experiences…

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The perfect sold-out show; constructive ways to engage attendees at the exhibition booth

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different,” the iconic fashionista Coco Chanel famously said once. Man or machine; brand or business, being different is what makes all the difference, especially now more than ever before trade exhibitions are a big opportunity to highlight your business. From enhancing brand image to building relationships…

Limited edition, rare or personalized

Limited edition, rare or personalized – what makes for the perfect corporate gift?

Finding a gift can be a daunting task. Especially when you take into consideration cultural differences and local business etiquette. Our decade long experience of dealing with business associates, clients and colleagues from different cultures, backgrounds and countries in the region gives us the edge of insight. Our deep respect for and understanding of this is what…