Business Card Buzz

Meeting a professional will always result in a card swap, and after a day of networking you are left with having a stack of cards you need to keep a track of. The best way to do so is by entering them into your mobile device so that you have them handy at all time,a task everyone is aware of but can be quite monotonous and time consuming. Luckily technology is on your side and Linkedin has devised an application for your phone which allows you to click  picture of the business card and retain all the information to your address book. A brilliant and much awaited app which makes networking much easier. The application does not stop there but instead goes a step further and runs a search for your new contact’s Linked in page and common connections. The application is known as CardMuch and is currently available for the iphone but will soon spread to Android devices. Below a video if how CardMunch can work for you.

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