Augmented Reality, A Bold Approach

Augmented reality is working its way well into the advertising industry.This makes for a more interactive way of advertising, which engages the attention of the public like never before.

The key to good advertising is engaging the public and having them talk about it. Augmented reality is the new trend and is definitely having people talking. In a step to take things to the next level a book of poems has been created and titled “Between Page and Screen” The book steps out of tradition and boasts of nothing but codes on every page. Readers or general enthusiasts have to use their camera on their device to read this book cover to cover. The book adds new meaning to pop-ups as text appears out of the code and on the users screen. Although an innovative way of reading, the concept is not completely reader friendly and some tweaking is surely needed, but nonetheless a gimps of what you can expect n the future. Have a look at the video below to help you understand the wonder that is augmented reality.

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